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With the world entering the age of technology, marketing your products in Dubai was never considered so easy. According to a survey conducted by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the use of mobile phones has elevated to 228.3 mobile phones per 100 people during the last few years. In such an instance, SMS marketing is one of those tools that will help you let your customers know about your latest business developments in every corner of Dubai.


The SMS marketing is a form of business marketing that is done with the help of mobile phones. The SMS marketing is done by sending the bulk SMS to a large number of potential customers. Not long ago, email marketing or television advertising were considered to be two important and most effective modes of marketing your products. However, as the use of mobile phones and especially the android phones became common, most of the companies started advertising their products and services through SMS marketing.

Why is SMS marketing more effective in Dubai?

According to a recent research, almost 66% people in Dubai are nomophobic. This means that more than half the people in Dubai dread living without a mobile phone. Nowadays the advancement in mobile phones is so significant that people even control their business through their androids. In such an instance, SMS marketing incurs powerful effects on the mind of the customers.

Targeting your customers

In Dubai, most of the mobile users either communicate in Arabic or English. This is the reason that IBA helps you target your SMS marketing customers on the basis of:

Benefits of SMS Marketing

There are certain benefits of SMS marketing that makes it crucial to the success of any business:
The SMS marketing helps you build loyal customers as it provides your customers with the updates about the latest promotions and discounts offered by your business.
The SMS marketing helps in spreading the word about latest developments in your business to faraway places. It is highly effective because once the people who receive the SMS learn about your business; they will also let the other people know about your business.
The SMS marketing helps in improving your relationship with your customers as it provides a feeling of communication at the personal level. Most of your customers will feel quite excited once they receive a personal SMS from you.
The SMS marketing is considered to be the fastest, effective and most reliable way of communication.
Another greatest benefit of SMS marketing is that it is the most economical way of marketing your business. Whether you try to advertise your business on television or through newspapers, both of the methods are quite expensive. However, SMS marketing is cheaper as you can purchase bulk SMS by paying an economical amount.
The method to send these bulk SMS is also very easy as they can be used to advertise your business through bulk SMS sender.
In short, SMS marketing is considered to be the most effective and powerful way to let out the word about your business. In an Emirate like Dubai, where an average mobile user reads an SMS after every four minutes, SMS marketing is truly a blessing for every entrepreneur.

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