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Social media marketing is a strategy wherein the return on investment (ROI) takes little bit more time before we can see the results. That is why your relationship with your social media agency must also be for a long term basis. Take a few extra steps in hiring your next social media agency. Here is a checklist that we believe may help you nailing the right social media agency for your company.

Note: The Dubai niche is a very unique market compared to the other markets. It is so diversified that segmenting your target market may have a variation. Therefore, your new social media agency must be experienced in sending your message to a multicultural and extreme market. This checklist is also for determining the stability of the agency. You don’t want your agency to disappear into thin air after you made your down payment.

Note: May not necessarily mean in the same industry or your product or services niche. The more the merrier. Because this means the social media agency is versatile. If they have clients in the same niche check their content and see if you think your target market will be able to understand and relate to content they are creating. Check the creativity of the execution of their content.

Note: Check how easy it is to deal with them. Are they proactive? Are they helpful? How do they treat you as a future account?

Note: After a thorough briefing, identifying (if there are) any challenges you are facing with social media marketing, identifying your target audience and what would you like to achieve utilizing social media marketing. Ask them to come up with a clear yet general and brief social media strategy. Ask if they are willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your company’s trade secrets. Lay out all your conditions working with a top agency for social media. Find out if the social media agency will meet your conditions at least 80% of all your terms.

Note: You may ask the bidding social media agency if they can provide you with at least one month content just to try and experiment the response of your social media followers with their content.

At IBA – Aamal Mubtakara most of our retainer accounts were won by providing a free online audit and a month free trial of social media. Contact us for a free trial today.

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