Why is content writing is important?

Content is king. You must have heard that before but have no idea why digital marketers say that all the time. Here are top reasons why content is important when your business is on the internet.


Content writing is a niche which is very much in business in today’s digital world. Content writing involves writing such content which engages and intrigues the internet surfers. It includes writing web content, articles, blogs, social media posts and other type of content which is used online. In the advertising and marketing world, content marketing is a specialty which has made its way through the years. People now understand the importance of having a content management strategy as well along with other marketing tools such as face to face marketing and other traditional foms such as print marketing etc. Content writing can deliver several useful and beneficial functions to your marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of content writing to your business on the internet?

1. Generates Traffic

The more the traffic you have on your website, the more customers and clients you will have. Content is used to generate traffic to your website and invoke them to act. Several strategies are used to make users visit your website such as through SEO writing, hyper links and other means of diverting the users to your website. As well as your social media followers are pushed to visit your website for more info and generate website traffic. In the past websites were popular as it is without doing SEO. But since then businesses including your competitors have websites and thus, competition for website traffic has been tight over the years.

2. Informing People

The most basic function of content writing is to inform the visitors of your website or readers of your blogs or articles. Content is themed around the nature of business and the services that a business offers and how it is relevant to their daily life, and this is what the visitors need to know. It is quite some job to identify the needs and requirements of the target market and designing a content strategy to market your business and gain the maximum reach effectively. The more informed people are more likely to make an action towards your product or service. If your content does not tell sufficient information about your product or service and how useful will it be to your target readers, then you may not expect a huge turnover. Thus, having more informed people with sufficient useful information is more important than informing more people with information about just the product or your company. That is what people call as spamming.

3. Answering the Queries

Even if a user does not turn into your customer, your website’s content must have the ability to answer some or all of the user’s queries about what was being searched for on the internet. Sometimes it is okay not to promote your own business but help in solving a problem of the user. In this way your website will gain more popularity and authority which will give you more traffic making Google index your website more. For example, if a user is searching for something that is related to your business but you are not offering that exactly, then your website must have some external links which can provide a guide to the users to reach the right website and learn more.

4. Revenue Generation

Content writing can be thought of as a long term investment for your business. A well written content which simply but accurately describes your product or service will keep on attracting customers for you that means you can invest once and gain forever. There is a wide range of services which are provided in content writing, such as SEO copywriting, article writing, blog writing, newsletter writing, social media content writing and technical writing etc. These are the types of writing which are mostly used to engage users and visitors of your website and these engagements result loyalty and profit.

5. Content Writing as a Skill

Content writing is a skill that if you have it, you will remain in demand for sure in this competitive and digitized world. You can earn through content writing and at your ease. Content writing jobs can be done as an in-house permanent employee, and also the option of doing it as a part time employee such as a freelance content writer or a full time employee in a digital marketing agency. Whether you are a professional content writer or you think you have a writer in you, you need to try your luck. The demand of content writers is not likely to fade away from the world anytime soon. It is a very creative, informative and grooming industry which makes you aware of new technologies, trends and practices that further polish your skill set. It is a dynamic field in which you keep on learning new things. Content writing makes sure that you are not empty handed at any given point in time. You cannot remain jobless if you have the ability to do content writing.

Content writing has been there, it is definitely one of the sought after skills to possess. It will surely remain here and will even gain more importance as the competition is constantly rising. As long as Google and social media exists, there will always be a demand for content writing.

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